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Most everyone loves mozzarella sticks. Why not make them healthier by making them yourself and sneaking in a vegetable?  Whole-wheat breadcrumbs and flaxseed meal add fiber and using part-skim mozzarella and sautéing them with a little olive oil also makes them lower in fat than the restaurant fried version. This is a good way to get a little calcium in your kid’s diet!


Mozzarella sticks

Makes 8 sticks


1 cup whole-wheat breadcrumbs

1 tablespoon flaxseed meal (optional)

1 tablespoon sesame seeds (optional)

1 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella

½ cup cauliflower puree*

1 tablespoon cornstarch

Nonstick cooking spray

1 tablespoon olive oil

¼ teaspoon salt


In a bowl, toss the breadcrumbs with the flaxseed meal and sesame seeds.

In a second large bowl, stir together the mozzarella, cauliflower puree, and cornstarch until well combined.  Shape into eight 2×1/2 inch logs.  Gently roll each log in breadcrumbs, then wrap in aluminum foil or waxed paper and freeze for 20 minutes.  Make sure they are frozen before you cook!

Coat a large nonstick skillet with cooking spray and set it over medium-high heat.  When the pan is hot, add the oil.  Arrange the mozzarella sticks in the pan in a single layer, being careful not to crowd them.  Cook for 3 to 4 minutes, turning occasionally, until the crumb coating begins to brown.  Sprinkle with salt and serve with ketchup or marinara sauce. 


*Cauliflower puree

Cut off florets and discard core from 1 head of cauliflower.  Steam for 8 to 10 minutes.  Puree in food processor or blender for about 2 minutes, with a few teaspoons of water if needed for a smooth, creamy texture.

Deceptively Delicious; Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food; Jessica Seinfeld


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