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We are all born with one.  Is yours still working?  Do you know when you are full or do you always overeat.  A satiety cue is a signal in your body that tells your brain when you are full.  It is our own internal weight maintenance mechanism.   Mine always malfunctions during the holidays. 


Many of us have lost our satiety cue and regularly eat more than what we need, hence the extra pounds on our waistline. We are all born with a satiety cue.  Newborns give us signals that tell us when they are done drinking from the breast or from a bottle.  As for infants and small children, awareness of their satiety cue is developing as they learn about family meal time and snack time. 


Unfortunately, if our parents required us to “clean our plates” or enforced other food related requirements on us, our satiety cue was taught to be ignored.  The satiety cue is a valuable cue for us to recognize and as with all good health habits, it is important to respect and nurture it starting at a young age. 


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